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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free?

Yes - for personal use.

You can download it from your application store for free as well. There are no adverts either!

For commercial use, we levy a charge based upon usage.

Is it secure?

Yes. We take that very seriously, and use industry standard technologies to ensure your data is not compromised.

Does it use my data plan?

Yes - you need allow mobile data on your phone to use mapTraxx.

Your location is sent securely using your data, and your friends' locations are sent to you the same way.

When you use the navigation map, the map tiles also get sent over mobile data.

Does it use up my battery?

Any app that uses the location feature of your phone will cause some additional battery drain, but mapTraxx uses as little as possible.

It quite happily tracks you quietly while you use other apps or even switch your screen off.

If you are using the navigation map, then the screen will stay on. That will use up more of your battery, so if you are planning on a long trip using the map make sure you have a backup power source available.

How do I find my friends?

Once your friends have registered with us, you can search for them on the FRIENDS tab.

You can search by name or by the email address they have given us.

Can I change my profile picture?

Of course! Just use the top-right menu to choose My account then click on your image to select a new one from your phone.

You can also log into this website to use an image that is not on your phone.

The map rotates! That's different. Why?

This innovative feature means that you can be sure of navigating with ease in an unfamiliar area.

By showing the map from your point of view, roads paths and landmarks are laid out as they appear in the real world.

It also helps when you are following a route because you can follow turns exactly.

Why doesn't the map rotate when I turn around?

We do not use the phone compass for this feature. Instead, we calculate your direction while you move.

Once you are on the move, the map will keep you in the right direction.